Vote For Us!

Vote for Our Server & Earn Rewards!

Voting for our server helps us grow, gaining new players with each new vote! As thanks for your support, you can earn up to 4 vote-crate tokens a day that can be used on the server to earn things like custom enchanted items, mob eggs, money, claim blocks, and more!

Sometimes the Vote Websites don’t sync up with our server quite right, and you may miss out on a few keys. There’s nothing the staff can do to fix this, as we can’t verify that you actually voted. Just be sure to type your name in correctly, and try not to spam the votes so the plugin has time to register them. If you miss out on the votes, try again in 24h!

How to Vote

  • Visit one of the four vote links below
  • Type in your username exactly as it appears in-game (NOT your nickname!)
  • Fill out any captcha information
  • Click “Submit”!
  • Your rewards should appear in game shortly!
  • You can vote all 4 links every 24 hours.

How to use Vote Keys

  • Vote keys look like enchanted sunflowers in your inventory!
  • Once you have your vote keys, head to “/Warp Crates” or “/Warp Vote” (Same place)
  • While holding the appropriate key, right-click on the beacon to use the key!
  • After the animation, check your inventory for the item(s), or check chat to see if you’ve won something else (like money, claim blocks, etc).

Voting Sites

Thank you so much for your support! We really appreciate it!