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Join us at: Play.Ghoulcraft.com!

The server is Java Edition Only, for version 1.16.5.
Optifine is highly recommended, in order to see & use the server’s custom resource pack!
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Welcome to the Ghoulcraft Server!

Ghoulcraft is a Unique Minecraft server for Java Edition players! We have a variety of plugins that create a one-of-a-kind experience for you and currently boast:

– Custom Terrain Generation
– A Custom Resource Pack
– A Marriage Plugin (Poly Friendly!)
– A Creative Plots World (After 1 month of playtime)
– Land & Container Protections
– Detailed Event Warps
– Vote Crates
– Custom Enchantments
– Fun events & seasonal Spawn decorations!
and tons more!

Ghoulcraft is LGBTQ+ friendly, and features an incredibly kind & supportive community, as well as attentive & knowledgeable staff. You can obtain both free & purchasable ranks for perks such as NPC creation, Flying, extra homes & creative plots, access to a banner-maker, and so much more!

Upon Joining the server, you will be required to read the rules, by typing: “/Rules”. You can then open chat & click on the “Next/Previous” text to proceed to the next page of rules, until you finish. Then you can accept them, and be welcomed into our world!

Player Screenshots

The following pictures have been photographed & submitted by players of their towns & creations on the Ghoulcraft Server! If you’d like to submit your own images from the server, click on the “Submit a Screenshot” from the menu above!