Java Help / FAQ

This video by [Blisschen] has a wonderful tutorial on how to install & use my resource pack!

Please make sure you THOROUGHLY read through this page to see if your solution can be found here before submitting a ticket on the [CIT Discord]

Our staff team is under a heavy work load due to the amount of help requests people send in. We politely ask that you take the time to slow down and read these frequently-asked-questions before asking them for help, to help reduce the amount of strain placed on them. Thank you!

Tickets submitted with answers that can be found on this page or in the #Help channel of the discord, will be directed to re-read this.

A few important notes:

⚠️ – Ghoulcraft REQUIRES Optifine to Run.
⚠️ – Ghoulcraft works in 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16. (Anything higher than 1.16 you use at your own risk.)
⚠️ – Ghoulcraft does not work in 1.12 due to how item frames worked back then. Please stop asking.
⚠️ – Ghoulcraft was designed to work on Java, but is available on PE (with limited items).
[See Kao’s Discord for more details]!
⚠️ – Ghoulcraft is Not A Mod. It is a resource pack. It does not require Forge or Fabric to run!
⚠️ – Ghoulcraft will work with Forge BUT ONLY IN 1.16. Previous versions of Optifine are not compatible with Forge.

Please make sure your resource pack order looks like this in the RIGHT COLUMN.
If it is not ordered like this, please fix it before asking for help! The game loads these packs specifically in this order to keep from breaking models and textures.

“Where can I download Ghoulcraft?”

You can download Ghoulcraft from MissGhoul’s PlanetMinecraft page:

You can find the other (required) packs here: 
Mizuno’s CIT:
Mizuno’s Invisible Item Frames :
Jaden’s Invisible Frames (1.15 and 1.16):
Mizuno’s 16 Craft:

(Mizuno’s 16 craft is optional, but includes the block and mob textures, and is what Ghoulcraft & Mizuno’s CIT are textured to match with. The Mizuno’s Website is in Japanese. Just scroll down until you see the version you need, and look for “CIT” to get the cit, or download the one without for just textures)

NEVER ever ever download Ghoulcraft from anywhere else but PlanetMinecraft, or MissGhoul’s Curseforge Page (coming soon!). 
Especially or
These sites steal people’s work and reupload them — often with viruses or adware attached.
If you ever see Ghoulcraft uploaded anywhere else, please contact MissGhouls directly, so she can handle it.

“Where can I find a list of items?”

You can find the Ghoulcraft Catalogs in the drop-down menus above.
The MEGA page will take a LONG TIME to load & may use a lot of data. Please be careful and use at your own risk.

Pay Attention To The Instructions.
Read them carefully, as they have vital information regarding how to name and place your items.
The Plants, Table Legs, and Many Other Items are from Mizuno’s CIT, which is REQUIRED in order to run Ghoulcraft.
 You can find their catalog here:

“Ghoulcraft/Mizunos/etc doesn’t show up in the Resource Pack Menu!”

When you download a resource pack, you need to place it in your resource pack folder.

To do this:

1. Download the file somewhere safe (either to your desktop or to a downloads folder).

2. Open Minecraft, and click on “Options”. Select “Resource Packs”.

3. At the bottom left, click on the button that says “Open Resource Pack Folder”.

4. Drag the zipped file into the folder. Do not Rename it.

5. If you are on a MAC computer, UNZIP the file. If you are playing with Windows, leave the file zipped.

6. Exit the folder. You may have to exit the Resource Pack menu and re-open it to see the new packs.

7. The Pack is very big, and will take several minutes to finish loading. You may need to allocate more memory to your minecraft, or use the themed/individual packs, instead of the “MEGA” pack. 

“Ghoulcraft says the pack is outdated, or is 
made for a newer version of Minecraft!”

Ghoulcraft is compatible with 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16. Just click “Okay” on the error message, and load it anyway. It will show up red in the menu, but it won’t cause any problems, I promise.  

Ghoulcraft CAN work on 1.17 or higher, as long as Optifine supports it. MissGhouls has no control over Optifine’s ability to display the pack.

“Items are missing from My Game!”
“Items are not appearing when I rename them!”
“I can’t find an item in the catalog!”

Make sure the item you’re looking for is from Ghoulcraft!
Many of the items such as Table Legs, Apples, and all of the Lovely Plants, come from Mizuno’s CIT
(Which is required to run Ghoulcraft!).
You can see their list of items here:

Please be aware, that Ghoulcraft items replace the entire name in the anvil whereas Mizuno’s adds an underscore and a number/letter to the END of a name.For example: Ghoulcraft uses “Chair1” whereas Mizunos has “Apple_0”. 

If items are not appearing when you rename them in an anvil, check through this short list first: 

⚠️ – Do you have Optifine Installed? 
⚠️ – Did you launch your game with Optifine? 
⚠️ – Are you trying to run the game on Bedrock/PE? (Only works on Java!) 
⚠️ – Are you renaming things correctly? (See the example above!) 
⚠️ – Do you have the correct packs installed? 
⚠️ – Did you put the packs in your resource pack folder? 
⚠️ – Did you turn the packs on? 
⚠️ – Are you running the game in American English? (required!)
⚠️ – Are the packs in the correct load order? 
⚠️ – Are Custom Items/Entities turned on? (See below!)

To check if custom items/entities are turned on, click on “Options” and choose “Video Settings”. Then click on “Quality”. Make sure “Custom Entities” and “Custom Items” are turned ON.

“When i place down items i’ve renamed, they just appear as blocks not the furniture!”

You need to place renamed items into an item frame. That’s why the invisible item frames are required to run the pack — so you don’t see them when you place your furniture! 

“The CIT floats when I use the invisible item frames in 1.16/1.17+!”

The vanilla invisible item frames are not meant to work with CIT in mind. They behave differently. Please use an invisible item frame resource pack to make your items appear normally, or you’ll have to tolerate the floating. MissGhouls is not going to completely re-do her entire collection of items to be compatible with the vanilla frames.

“Why am I so laggy? How can I fix the lag I get when I run Ghoulcraft?”
“I crash whenever I try to use Ghoulcraft!”

Ghoulcraft is a HUGE pack. We have over 2,000 items and we’re always adding more! I would suggest trying to allocate more RAM to your minecraft (if you have it available), or try running one or two of the themed packs (also called “individual packs”) instead of the MEGA pack! The MEGA pack has everything i’ve ever created in it. But you probably don’t need everything, so just pick a few of the smaller ones (like garden, and magic, or furniture and food) and work from there! 

For reference, Ghoulcraft doesn’t usually like to work on laptops that have less than 4GB of RAM. 6GB or more, especially on a PC, is best.

Missghouls will be optimizing the pack to be smaller in the future. Until then, please be patient!

“Items like beds, sofas, fridge, stoves, etc are all in the ground, how do i fix it?”

Many items were created to fit OVER blocks (like a skin!) so that you can still USE them. For example, the stove fits on top of a furnace or a campfire so you can still cook with it! Pay attention to what the catalog says in the right column! Each item has it’s own set of instructions on how it needs to be placed. Many items DO NOT go flat on the ground, and need to be placed on the side of a block!

“I’m playing on 1.15/1.16 and the items made of clear glass are pure white! I can’t see inside them!”
“The Sofas have a flickering texture where they overlap!”

Regarding the glass: Optifine in 1.15/1.16 still has some bugs. One of them, is the way transparent textures render white when the model is completely flat. We are now aware of how to fix this, and will be working on correcting the issue as soon as we can! Please be patient, and stop reporting it.
Flickering Textures on an overlapping object: Some items are intended to fit together (such as sofas or window seats), but can be used on their own to make benches/diner seats/etc. Due to the way they cover the entire block, they will overlap slightly when placed next to eachother. The flickering is called “z fighting” and currently cannot be fixed. 

“Table Legs have the right model, but are really tiny!”
“Table Legs are poking through my trapdoors!”

Make sure you have downloaded Mizuno’s CIT (it is required to run Ghoulcraft) and have it turned on, and in the correct order. You should also check that you have the right Invisible Item Frames installed. Mizuno’s Invisible Frames broke in 1.15 and 1.16, so you need to use Jared’s instead. The links for those can be found at the top of this channel. 
Your load order should look like this: 

“How can I hide the floating names?”

Due to how Minecraft is coded, the names of items displayed in item frames cannot be hidden, unless you press “F1” which removes your entire HUD. This is useful for screenshots, but not so much for playing.  

You can place a piece of string on top of the item frame (by clicking on the block behind the frame) as well. This will stop the name from floating, but will give you a piece of floating string, which is slightly less obtrusive. It can also prevent players from rotating your objects.

IF you are playing on a server (such as Ghoulcraft!) that uses Posable Armor Stand Plugins, You might be able to place the item on an armor stand, and turn the armor stand invisible.  

“How can I hide the item frames??”

Download the Invisible Item Frames Resource Pack that works with your version of the game. Re-Read the top section to see which version you need. 

“My Item Frames appear all black/white! How do i fix it?”

Download the correct Invisible Item Frames Resource Pack for your version of the game. Re-Read the top section to see which version you will need. 

“What version of Optifine do I need, and where do i download it?”

Always use the most updated versions of Optifine you can find, on Make sure you download the absolute newest versions. To do this, you may need to click on the “preview” option at the top of the downloads list, as not all stable/released versions support CIT/CEM!
Optifine uses Adfly to generate revenue for it’s creator so you will be taken to another site with a bar across the top, and a large ad for the rest of the page. DO NOT CLICK ON THE AD. Look for the button in the top right that is counting down. When it finishes, it will say “Skip”. Click on that, and you will be taken directly to the optifine download page.  

(If you use Adblock or Ublock to block ads, i would highly suggest donating to them directly, since without Optifine, Ghoulcraft wouldn’t even exist! You can donate directly to Optifine Here: Donations of $10 or more, even get you a customizable cape you can wear in-game!)