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Creator & Owner of the Ghoulcraft (Java) Resource Pack & the SMP Server.

About Me:
Missghouls is a 30+ year old woman, born & raised in Indiana, USA. She is both Bi and Polyamorous, with two dorky partners whom she adores very much!

She’s been playing Minecraft since the 0.15.0 update and has been an avid player & creator ever since. Her favorite update was the “Aquatic Update”, since she is obsessed with the Deep Ocean!

She enjoys all things spooky & Halloween, collects enamel pins, plays D&D (usually as the DM), and loves to play a variety of other PC games (Sims, Overwatch, and tons of other sandbox-y/adventure games).

MissGhouls also unfortunately suffers from several Chronic Illnesses that impacts her ability to create & update as often as she would like. To stay updated on when she does actually update things, you can follow her on social media!

Please do not message MissGhouls regarding troubleshooting/problems with the Resource packs or the Server. Please visit the FAQ/Help pages, or join one of the discords to speak with a staff member for immediate help!

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