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Welcome to Ghoulcraft!

What is Ghoulcraft?

Ghoulcraft began back in April, 2019 as a unique Resource Pack for Java Edition Minecraft, created by [MissGhouls], and later expanded into a Survival Minecraft Server (Java Edition)!

Using the mod [Optifine], Players can create & place over 2,000 pieces of decoration (such as chairs, beds, food, LGBTQ+ Flags, and more!). These decorations are made by renaming regular items (such as string, wood planks, etc) in an anvil and placing them into an item frame, according to the instructions in [The Catalog].

With the help of [KaoMC], Ghoulcraft later expanded into Bedrock Edition for our numerous mobile players!

In the beginning of 2020, A Survival Server for Java Edition Minecraft with the same name sprouted up, giving players using Ghoulcraft a place to congregate & build together! The server contains several interesting & unique plugins to help create a one-of-a-kind environment for players, that focuses on building & aesthetic.

For more information about either the pack or the server, please visit one of the links above!